The Regenrant Soya Repair Series

dalton marine cosmetics regenerant skincare soya repair

The DALTON REGENERANT line is our specialist for stressed skin. It supports the regeneration of cells and strenghtens them. Try our REGENERANT line and see for yourself how healthy and regenerated your skin will be after a short time.
  • For stressed skin in need of regeneration
  • For strenghtened cells and a healthy appearance of the skin
  • With our anti-aging Celumer Marine Extract
  • With the collagen stimulating and cell wall strengthening active agent soya extract

SOJAISOFLAVONE & LECITHIN: Isoflavones act as a natural protective mechanism in plants. They are part of the plants’ natural immune response. The soya beans within this line are also rich in isoflavones. The special feature is that isoflavones protect the skin effectively against detrimental influences, similar to how they protect plants. In addition they also show a collagen stimulating effect in the skin. The mainly contained collagen IV is an important component of the basal cell layer and thus leads to a healthy cell development. Moreover, soya beans contain lecithins which are essential for the development of a healthy cell wall. They counteract the natural aging process of the cell by preventing the skin cell from becoming brittle and thus avoiding that unwanted pollutants get into the cell. Furthermore the natural lecithins ensure that the skin cells regain or maintain their natural, firm shape. In addition they ensure that the aged skin cells are able to regenerate themselves.

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