The Hylaluronic Urea Hydro Boost Series

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The skin care line HYALURONIC UREA is our specialist for dry skin. It helps the skin to refill its moisture reservoirs and to regulate fine dry lines on the skin’s surface. Try out our HYALURONIC UREA line and see for yourself how your skin will appear firmer and plumper after just a short period of time.
  • For dry skin
  • For a firm and refreshed complexion
  • With our anti-aging Celumer Marine Extract
  • With an extra portion of hyaluronic acid and urea


Our HALURONIC UREA line combines three highly effective, natural ingredients: The Celumer Marine Extract and the two moisturizing agents hyaluronic acid and urea. Its unique structure allows the Celumer Marine Extract to penetrate deeply into the skin, where it exerts its anti-aging effect and supplies the skin with vital substances.

At the same time, it carries short-chained and long-chained hyaluronic acid and urea – our HYALURONIC UREA highlight active ingredients – into the deeper layers of the skin, where they provide continuous moisture thanks to their water-binding properties.

Dalton Hyaluronic Urea Model


The explicit use of both long-chained and short-chained hyaluronic acid ensures that not only the skin’s surface but also the deeper layers of the skin are supplied with plenty of moisture. Hyaluronic acid is capable of holding many times its own weight in water. Urea is yet another natural moisturizing factor. It strengthens cell connections and consequently helps the skin to retain its moisture. Furthermore, urea makes the skin feel extra firm and plump. The HYALURONIC UREA line is ideal for dehydrated dry skin.

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