The Extreme Lift Series

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Our Dalton Marine Cosmetics EXTREME LIFT line is enriched with the mimic muscle relaxing Acmella Oleracea Extract for an immediately and extremely smoothed skin appearance. At the same time, the appearance of deeper facial wrinkles is effectively prevented. The results are an immediately visibly smoothed skin appearance and significantly more relaxed facial features while maintaining a natural appearance.
  • For demanding skin
  • For a smooth and relaxed skin appearance
  • With our anti-aging Celumer Marine Extract
  • With an extra dose of Acmella Oleracea Extract


Our EXTREME LIFT line combines two highly effective, natural ingredients: The  Celumer Marine Extract and the exotic Acmella Oleracea. Its molecular structure allows the Celumer Marine Extract to penetrate deeply into the skin, where it exerts its anti-aging effect and supplies the skin with vital substances.

At the same time, it carries the Acmella Oleracea extract – our EXTREME LIFT highlight active ingredient – into the deeper layers of the skin, where it reaches its full lifting potential. The natural plant extract is won from the exotic paracress, which grows along the coast of the Indian Ocean.


Studies have proven the enormous potential of the jambú extract: Test results show that this active ingredient reduces the micro-contractions of facial muscles immediately after the application. This effect increases continuously until it reaches its full effect after six hours: The facial muscles are calm and relaxed – the skin looks smoother and firmer. After 24 hours, the jambú extract still maintains 60% of its muscle relaxing effect.

The benefits include an immediately visibly smoother skin appearance and significantly more relaxed facial features while maintaining a natural appearance. Moreover, regular application effectively prevents the appearance of deeper facial wrinkles, which makes the EXTREME LIFT line ideal for the  Lifting Skin Type.

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