Skin Essential Activator (S.E.A) Series

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The luxury Dalton Marine Cosmetics S.E.A. Skin Essential Activator line is our specialist for defined facial contours and a visibly rejuvenated appearance. The S.E.A. is especially suitable for demanding skin and as cosmetical  pre- and after treatment in case of medical-aesthetic surgery. Try our luxury S.E.A. line and convince yourself how tightened and rejuvenated he skin will appear after a very short time.
  • For demanding skin
  • For defined facial contours and a rejuvenated appearance
  • Including our Anti-Aging Celumer Marine Extract
  • Including an active agent complex of the sea plant Crambe Maritima


Our premium Dalton Marine Cosmetics S.E.A. Skin Essential Activator line offers skincare, cell protection and revitalization at the highest level. It is an innovative approach that combines new scientific findings with many years of experience in cosmetic product development, placing the focus on the stem cells of the skin – our body’s own reservoir of healthy, beautiful and firm skin.

This high-quality skincare line combines two effective active ingredients: Our unique Dalton Marine Cosmetics anti-aging Celumer Marine Extract and the Crambe Maritima, a marine plant with stimulating properties. By doing so, the S.E.A. line achieves something astounding: It provides the stem cells of the skin with natural components of the highest quality and purity, which enables the skin to regenerate on its own.

Its unique composition allows the Celumer Marine Extract to penetrate deeply into the skin, where it exerts its rejuvenating effect and supplies the skin with vital nutrients. At the same time, it carries the Crambe Maritima – our S.E.A. highlight ingredient – into the deeper layers of the skin, where it can reach its full potential. Not only does it offer highly effective protection for the stem cell layer, it is also capable of stimulating the production of new, fresh cells, which promotes the regeneration and renewal of the whole skin structure.


Healthy, young skin regenerates entirely in about four weeks. The epidermal stem cells are continually producing new skin cells that then work their way up through several layers of skin to the surface. The skin appears more youthful and firm, the quicker and more dynamic this process happens.

Unfortunately, the epidermal stem cells lose their energy and potency over the years. As a result, cell regeneration slows down and our skin shows signs of aging. This is where the benefits of our S.E.A. Skin Essential Activator become clear: It protects and stimulates the stem cells, which leads to increased cell turnover and better regeneration of the whole skin structure.

To this end, we rely on the power of the sea: The combination of our Celumer Marine Extract and the Crambe Maritima prompts the stem cells to be more active and to increase their cell renewal rates. The body’s own production of important compounds such as hyaluronic acid is stimulated and provides for fresh and firm skin. The production of collagen is increased as well and the skin’s elasticity and resilience are improved. As a result, this high-tech skin care leads to visibly firmer and nourished skin.

With regard to surgical and other cosmetic procedures, this skin care line is ideal to prepare the skin for the procedure. It provides optimal care and nourishment, making the skin supple and elastic. After the procedure, the S.E.A. line supports the healing process and helps the skin to recover quickly. It is especially suitable for the demanding and mature skin type.


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