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Dalton Body Care Guide

Your skin is a sensitive organ that needs to be treated right. The ideal body care routine is different for every person – that is why you need to understand your skin type before you buy any product. Do you have normal skin, dry skin or sensitive skin? It can be quite hard to find products perfectly suited to your skin type and the season. Here is a quick overview of all our body care products to help you make the right choice.

Anti-Aging Universal Care for all skin types

Our universal body care products replenish your skin with the highest quality ingredients, including our unique Celumer Marine Extract for a powerful anti-aging effect.


Anti-Aging Body Care for All Skin Types

Body Care Moisturizing Emulsion

BODY CARE Moisturizing Emulsion

For Dry Skin

Soft body lotion with a fast-absorbing formula and a fresh scent, for dehydrated, dry skin. Its light, creamy texture hydrates the skin and leaves a fresh and moisturized feel, thanks to the moisturizing ingredients hyaluronic acid and urea and our anti-aging Celumer Marine Extract.

Vitalizing Emulsion

BODY CARE Vitalizing Emulsion

For Dull and Tired Skin

This body lotion contains pearls of Q10, a coenzyme naturally produced by the body which improves the cell metabolism, promotes cellular energy production, smooths the skin and protects the skin cells from damage. Perfect to replenish and revitalize stressed and tired skin. 

Body Care Body Butter

BODY CARE Velvet Body Butter

For Very Dry Skin

This Body Butter with an extremely rich and luxurious formulation makes your skin feel moisturized and velvety-soft, without leaving a greasy film. Cupuacu butter, mango butter and shea butter provide a pleasant fruity scent. The Body Butter nourishes and softens even very dry patches of skin, which makes it perfect for the winter or if you have very dry and thirsty skin.

Firming Neck & Décolleté Cream by Dalton Cosmetics

UNIVERSAL CARE Neck & Décolleté Cream

For Neck and Décolleté

Our fast-absorbing Neck & Décolleté Cream has an excellent smoothing and firming effect on the neck and décolleté area. The cream gel absorbs quickly and replenishes the skin with nutrition and moisture. Formulated with our Celumer Marine Extract and plankton extract, to keep the skin firm and smooth and to combat side-sleeper wrinkles on the décolletage.

Firming Anti-Cellulite Concentrate to reduce orange peel skin

BODY CARE Anti-Cellulite Concentrate

For Skin Prone to Cellulite

Our Anti-Cellulite Concentrate works to firm, tone and tighten the skin and reduce that unsightly orange-peel appearance. The fast-absorbing formula with our Body Contouring Complex and the Celumer Marine Extract prevents the formation of cellulite. Regular use of the Anti-Cellulite Concentrate in combination with exercise and a healthy diet leads to the best results.

Nourishing body scrub with ginger and sea salt

BODY CARE Ginger-Sea Salt Peeling

For all skin types

The Ginger-Sea Salt Peeling is a 2-in-1 body scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes the skin. Nourishing peach kernel oil, sunflower oil, jojoba oil and almond oil hydrate and soften the skin, while refreshing ginger pieces and sea salt exfoliate the skin in a natural way without being too harsh or abrasive.


Body Care for Specific Skin Concerns

Sometimes, normal body care products are not enough. If your skin is damaged or if you suffer from skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, you need special products to normalize your skin.



Body Care for Damaged Skin


Regenerative oil for damaged skin


For Damaged and Hyperkeratotic Skin

Hydrophilic body & massage oil with vitamins A, C and E to regenerate damaged skin. Ideal to treat scars and to prevent pregnancy stretch marks. Can also be used to combat a dry and flaky scalp. Tip: Add a few drops of the oil to your bath water.  

Soothing Body Lotion


For Damaged and Hyperkeratotic Skin

Regenerative Body Emulsion with vitamins A, C and E that hydrates the skin and strengthens the connective tissue. It is quickly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling incredibly smooth and soft.



Body Care for Skin Prone to Eczema


Body Emulsion for skin prone to neurodermatitis & psoriasis


For Skin Prone to Eczema, Psoriasis or Irritation

Fragrance-free body emulsion with original Dead Sea salt to relieve the symptoms of skin prone to eczema and psoriasis. The emulsion reduces itching associated with eczema and helps to rebuild a healthy skin barrier.

Shower Gel to reduce itching

JORDAN DEAD SEA SALT Shower Gel & Shampoo with fragrance/fragrance-free

For Skin Prone to Eczema, Psoriasis or Irritation

Our mild 2 in 1 Shower Gel & Shampoo with original Dead Sea salt is suitable for daily hair and body care of skin prone to eczema and psoriasis. It also soothes symptoms of irritated skin.



Don’t forget your sun protection!

Sun protection is an important aspect of body care. Every day, your body is exposed to UV rays that damage and age your skin. That is why you should always include sun protection in your daily body care routine.



Body Products with UV Protection


Light Sun Protection Spray SPF 30

SUN CARE UV-Protection Spray SPF 30

Prevent and Treat Sun Damage

The Sun Protection Spray with SPF 30 is the lighter alternative to our Sun Cream. It comes in a convenient pump dispenser which makes it very easy to apply. The light texture is formulated with blue algae to protect the skin from free radicals and keep the cells safe and healthy. The spray delivers effective sun protection along with plenty of nourishing moisture.

Sun Cream with high UVA & UVB protection SPF 50+

SUN CARE UV-Protection Cream SPF 50+

Prevent and Treat Sun Damage

Our Sun Cream is formulated with an intelligent UV filter system that offers a very high SPF of 50+. Just like the spray, the cream provides significant conditioning and moisturizing benefits in addition to excellent UV protection that guards the skin against sun-induced premature aging. 

After Sun Lotion to soothe sunburn

SUN CARE After Sun Body Lotion

Prevent and Treat Sun Damage

Our After Sun Body Lotion is the perfect remedy for overexposed and sun-damaged skin. It absorbs quickly and keeps the skin moisturized after spending time in the sun, with an additional cooling effect. Formulated with blue algae extract, a powerful antioxidant that promotes skin renewal and cell regeneration.