History Of DALTON

The History of Our Brand


The history of DALTON begins with a woman and her passion for beauty and the sea. During almost four decades of pioneering spirit and unrelenting commitment, Erika Bauer made her dream come true: to create a unique skincare line based on the human evolution and the knowledge that all life originates from the sea. With the purchase of the brand Dalton in 1976 she laid the foundation for the development of professional care cosmetics. Ever since, the name Dalton has stood for high-quality skincare products developed and made in Germany.

 Erika Bauer - founder of Dalton Cosmetics

 Inspired by a conviction that rivalled that of Jacques Cousteau, the great French pioneer of marine research, Erika Bauer started to use the best ingredients from the sea for the beauty of the skin, thus closing the circle of evolution. Her basic focus always remained the same: The primeval power of the sea for the beauty of your skin.

It is the hour of birth for DALTON.

At a time in which galenics was at its very beginning, we owe it to Erika Bauer’s knowledge and power of deduction that, in the decades to come, a lot of new skincare products were able to be developed for different skin types. She always stuck with her credo – tolerability along with effectiveness, based on scientific knowledge and sustainable production.


The Dalton Celumer Line


Celumer Marine Extract Dalton

Erika Bauer delivered her masterpiece by developing the first marine anti-aging line, which was known under the name Celumar in 1984. In 1984 Celumar changed to Celumer, which is a play of words, using the words “Cell” and “Meer” (German for “sea”). The name Celumer says it all. In a unique way it symbolizes the idea that the human being originated from the sea, that we carry the sea in our bodies and that we need the sea for our natural beauty.

Over the years the Celumer line evolved into an exclusive anti-aging concept - our CELUMER MARINE EXTRACT. To this day, this extract is the basis of all of our anti-aging lines, all while keeping up with the latest research. Extensive studies have shown that the unique combination of its maritime active ingredients leads to extraordinary results.



Professional Cosmetics


Dalton Professional Cosmetics

As a product developer, Erika Bauer always sought to be surrounded by professional beauticians. She was convinced that highly effective products have to be presented by qualified beauticians in order to provide the right care with optimal results.

In (1983) she began to focus her entire care concept towards professional cosmetic institutes. She considered training to be crucial. Over the years several thousand beauticians were trained by Erika Bauer in the field of marine cosmetics and their active ingredients.

The close contact with beauty salons created a lot of new ideas for the development of professional in-salon treatments such as the “Vital Lift Lifting Treatment” (1996) or the “Hydro Alga Thalasso Treatment (1998) with the pure power of spirulina algae for a special moisture boost.



Dalton Cosmeceuticals


Dalton Cosmeceuticals

In the mid 80s, thanks to the synergy of extensive knowledge of the applied ingredients and experience from daily practice, a new care concept called “Cosmeceuticals” arose. Due to an increase in lifestyle diseases and allergies, the demand for skin care products specifically designed for problematic skin was on the rise.

In 1986, the first “problem solving” lines, Difficile pour Couperose for couperose skin prone to redness and the Dermanorm line for skin prone to impurities and acne were introduced to the market. In 1987 the first version of today’s Natural Correcteur line was launched, originally named Correcteur Vitamin-A Cosmetic. When nothing else will work, Natural Correcteur will, a statement which is to this day lived by beauticians worldwide and loved by customers for the promise it keeps.


Dalton International


Dalton International

In the late 1980s, the first cooperation with the United Arab Emirates was established and with it the first export to the Middle East.

In the early 1990s, distribution contracts with our partners in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea followed. Ever since, the interest for the professional cosmetic brand "made in Germany“ has been growing and DALTON is now sold in over 40 countries worldwide.


New Generation


After many decades of successful work in the cosmetics industry, Erika Bauer took her well-deserved retirement in 2012 and handed over the helm to our new owner Albrecht von Alvensleben. With the new change of wind and an ambitious crew of long-time staff members and experienced new employees, DALTON now conquers the seven seas from its headquarters in Germany.

Today DALTON offers a comprehensive skin care system consisting of 150 products in 20 product lines with carefully selected maritime ingredients to keep the skin healthy and beautiful. The ongoing investments in research and development have led to a lot of new revolutionary developments in the past years.

In 2013, for example, a new star was born in cosmetics – the first under the new leadership. With the “S.E.A.” Skin Essential Activator Cream, DALTON set new standards for the protection and stimulation of epidermal stem cells. In 2015 we began a huge product re-launch of our existing lines, with improved formulations and a new branding design. The first line we re-launched enjoys great popularity and is one of DALTON’s absolute bestsellers: The HYALURONIC UREA line with its moisturizing hydro boost effect. During the next two years, a whole range of product lines was adapted to the new standards. At the beginning of 2017, DALTON re-launched one more highlight with the EXTREME LIFT, a line with a smoothing and lifting effect on the basis of the highly effective Jambú Extract. This exotic ingredient offers a natural, non-invasive alternative to Botulinum toxin, known as Botox.



Dalton Marine Cosmetics


Our momentum in product development continues – other developments are already in the pipeline. DALTON will of course remain true to its values in the future and offer marine cosmetics of the highest possible standards – tolerability and effectiveness – based on natural ingredients and a sustainable production in Germany. Enjoy our treatments and products in many beauty institutes and SPAs in Germany as well as over 50 countries worldwide.