Philosophy & Values


Thanks to 40 years of experience, we have advanced from being a pioneer to becoming a leader in marine cosmetics. In order to stay at the forefront of innovation whilst continuing to meet the highest expectations, we combine high quality standards with scientific curiosity and traditional values. The continuous enhancement of our product range, the use of natural raw materials from the sea and our commitment to social and environmental responsibility throughout our production and supply chain are especially important to us.

Individual skincare products for every type of skin

Individual Solutions for Every Skin Type

Each of our products and treatments has been developed for a specific skin type or concern and forms part of our comprehensive product range. We attach a lot of importance to the choice of our marine ingredients, which are of natural origin and cultivated in a sustainable way. During the development process we pay particular attention to the tolerability of our skincare and its maximum efficacy.

In order to get a competent product recommendation and to find the best product for yourself as quick and easy as possible, we recommend using wherever possible one of our authorized beauty salons. Our beauticians combine the right skincare products for your skin condition with innovative products from the DALTON Professional Care line.

Continuing Improvements

To get the best long-term results, we have to analyze the latest results of international research and development regularly and have to continuously search for the best and most innovative ingredients. In this regard we always make sure to avoid problematic ingredients in our new product developments, as well as remove them from existing formulations. For instance, we have long moved away from using plastic microbeads in our products. As a provider of marine cosmetics, that was naturally a matter particularly close to our hearts.

Continuing Improvements

Natural Raw Materials from the Sea

Furthermore, it is very important to us that our marine ingredients and other raw materials, like e.g. palm oil, come from sustainable sources. In response to recent concerns, we have decided to use only certified palm oil from sustainably managed sources (so-called “mass balance certificates”) in our new product developments.

„No parabens“ DALTON products do not contain parabens and PEGs

No Parabens and PEGs

We are also taking a new approach to additives such as preservatives and emulsifiers. We always strive to develop products that are not only highly effective, but are also stable and safe. That is why our new product developments are free of ingredients like parabens or PEGs.

„No Animal Testing“ DALTON products are cruelty free

No Animal Testing

As a matter of course, our products are not tested on animals and we are committed to using raw materials that have also not been tested on animals. As a provider of professional skincare products, we have a large pool of test persons that we rely on to document the efficacy and tolerability of new product developments.

To help preserve the environment, we use recycled packaging boxes.


Skincare Made in Germany

Highest Quality – Made in Germany & Best Service

We have established high standards along the whole supply chain ensuring constant high quality of all our products. On the basis of handpicked raw materials, our products are produced in Germany using the most modern process technology in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Process (GMP). Keeping in line with modern economic principles, we have optimized our logistics and intermediate storage of products, to maintain high turnover rates and ensure that our products are always fresh.

To make your shopping experience with us as joyful as possible, we want to provide excellent service! We want you to have fun browsing and shopping in our DALTON shop. That is why we emphasize exclusive design, an intuitive and user-friendly system and personal consultation. You can call us at +6012 6782618 (Mo - Fr from 08:00 a.m. – 05:00 p.m.) or use our Contact Form to submit suggestions and wishes or to ask for advice.

We are happy to help you!

Social Responsibility

As DALTON continues to thrive and expand internationally, we are very much aware of our growing social responsibility in today’s globalized world. To honor this responsibility, we support various charitable initiatives and organizations, both regional and global.

 Fight Ocean Plastics with DALTON and 4Ocean

Fighting Ocean Pollution with 4Ocean

As a brand specializing in marine cosmetics – with natural and sustainable raw materials from the sea – protecting our oceans is a cause that is naturally very close to our hearts. That’s why we support 4Ocean, a global organization that aims to clean the world’s oceans of plastic waste, so that future generations can continue to enjoy the fascinating beauty of this unique ecosystem.

DALTON supports Lebenshilfe Deggendorf e.V.

Collaboration with Lebenshilfe Deggendorf e.V.

On a regional level, we have long been partnered with Lebenshilfe Deggendorf e.V. This charitable organization aims to promote the interests and right of people with disabilities. It provides several facilities with appr. 500 staff that are looking after more than 1,200 disabled people of all ages, giving them a chance at normalcy and greater self-sufficiency.

DALTON supports Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V. in the fight against breast cancer

Awareness Campaign in Cooperation with Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V.

Last but not least, we deeply care about the topic of breast cancer. Just recently we did an awareness campaign on prevention and early detection of breast cancer in cooperation with the German organization Brustkrebs Deutschland e.V. It is thanks to charities like them that breast cancer awareness and prevention have greatly increased in recent years. And if detected early, breast cancer is highly curable with modern treatments..

Conserve and Protect the Wadden Sea

DALTON supports Schutzstation Wattenmeer e.V.

Since its inception in 1962, the non-profit organization Schutzstation Wattenmeer e.V. has worked to conserve and protect the Wadden Sea on the German North Sea coast. The Wadden Sea is a unique biosphere reserve that is home to numerous animals and plants and an integral part of the Frisian coastal landscape. We at DALTON are inspired by the beauty and uniqueness of the Wadden Sea and proud to support the organization in their efforts to conserve this diverse nature reserve.