Sheet Masks - Why Are They so Popular?

Convenient, easy to use and super effective! Ever since K-Beauty started this beauty trend around 2015, sheet masks have absolutely exploded in popularity. Read on to find out what makes these masks so special and why you should add them into your skincare routine ASAP!

Upgrade Your Skincare Routine with Sheet Masks

If you have never heard of this new type of beauty face masks, here’s a quick rundown: Sheet masks are single-use masks in the form of a sheet with holes for your eyes, nose and mouth. The sheets are soaked in up to 20 ml of serum with a potent cocktail of hydrating, brightening, tightening or soothing active ingredients.

What makes these masks so special? Sheet masks adhere to the face like a second skin, acting like a protective shield for the ingredients contained within them. During the whole time while the mask is on the face (10-25 minutes), the ingredients can gradually absorb deep into the skin – for visible results after just one use. In addition to their incredible benefits for the skin, they are also really easy to use. Just place the sheet mask on your face, wait for the recommended amount of time, then take it off – that’s it! Compared to traditional face masks, they are also very travel-friendly and can be used literally on the go.


What else is there to know?

There’s a huge selection of sheet masks out there. But how are you supposed to choose between brightening vitamin C masks, hydrating masks with hyaluronic acid, purifying detox masks… – the list goes on and on. The good news: Since sheet masks are single-use items, this allows you to be flexible to add them to your skincare routine whenever you want and react to your skin’s changing needs. If you want to reduce oily skin, you can go for a mattifying sheet mask. Gentle, fragrance-free products are especially beneficial for sensitive skin.

When comparing different masks, it’s important to consider the ingredients, but it might also be worthwhile to take a look at the sheet material. Hydrogel, bio-cellulose, lyocell or cotton? Our tip: Just try different materials to see which one you like best.

And a little reminder: Always cleanse your face before applying a mask. If your skin is not clean, the ingredients will have a hard time penetrating and can’t work as efficiently as intended.



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