Sensitive Skin



For Sensitive Skin & Redness

What is the best skin care regimen for sensitive skin and redness on the face?

Sensitive skin is often associated with an impaired skin barrier, which makes it harder for the skin to store moisture and easier for harmful substances to penetrate into deeper skin layers. A good skin care regimen for sensitive skin aims to soothe and calm the skin and restore the skin barrier at the same time. This can be achieved with the help of gentle fragrance-free products specially designed for sensitive skin. Typical symptoms of sensitive skin are redness, irritation and skin feeling tight. But redness is not always a sign of sensitive skin. If redness on the face is caused by visible blood vessels, it may be due to a weak connective tissue or weak capillaries. In rare cases, couperose skin can turn into a skin disorder called rosacea. This type of skin needs products that reduce redness and strengthen the capillaries.

Best skincare for sensitive skin and redness

Regular cleansing is just as essential for sensitive skin as it is for any other skin type, to prevent dirt and make-up residues from irritating sensitive and redness-prone skin even further. However, your cleansing routine must be adjusted to your skin’s individual needs. The fragrance-free cleansers from our CLASSIC CLEAN  and CLASIC TONER range are specially designed for sensitive skin. Both offer gentle yet thorough cleansing. Afterwards we recommend using a tonic for sensitive skin. It restores the skin’s natural pH and leaves the skin more receptive to serums and moisturizers.

When looking for your perfect face moisturizer for sensitive skin, you must be sure of two things: It needs to be very gentle and provide a long-lasting strengthening effect. We recommend the JORDAN DEAD SEA SALT Mask.