OYSTER - Combination Skin & Large Pores




Skincare Products for Combination Skin

OYSTER – Mattifying and Pore-refining Anti-aging Products for Combination Skin

The OYSTER skincare line offers a long-lasting mattifying, pore-tightening and balancing effect. Enriched with our Celumer Marine Extract, an extra portion of oyster and oyster shell as well as a potent extract of pistacia lentiscus, these products for combination skin offer additional anti-aging properties. They target fine lines and wrinkles and visibly reduce pore size.

Overview – DALTON Products for Combination Skin

Combination skin types typically experience dryness on the cheeks and oily skin with large pores in the T-zone. Our OYSTER products minimize the appearance of pores and reduce oiliness, while also moisturizing the dry areas of combination skin.

Looking for a face moisturizer that reduces large pores and keeps the skin matte and shine-free? Our mattifying and pore-minimizing anti-wrinkle face cream controls excess sebum production and thus prevents the development of clogged pores and inflammation. This moisturizer hydrates dry skin areas, while also keeping oily skin in the T-zone at bay.

Our favorite pore minimizer: The balancing Pipette Concentrate is packed with powerful ingredients to mattify skin and reduce oily shine, with an additional anti-aging effect. It minimizes enlarged pores, moisturizes dry skin areas and leaves a beautiful soft-focus effect. The non-irritating formula is safe to use for sensitive skin prone to combination / oily skin.

The anti-inflammatory face mask prevents the formation of blemishes like pimples and blackheads and also reduces excess oiliness and shine, without over-drying dry areas. Perfect to restore blemish-prone skin to a balanced and mattified complexion.