Serum and Concentrate - Luxury for Your Skin
Serum and Concentrate - Luxury for Your Skin

Serums and Concentrates - The Ultimate Luxury for Your Skin

Serums and concentrates are full to the brim with beneficial ingredients for your skin. What makes them so special is their lightweight and fast-absorbing texture that feels very smooth and soft on the skin. They are great for treating dry, stressed and tired skin, but they can also have and amazing anti-aging effect. No matter if you use them daily in combination with a face cream or as an intensive treatment over a few weeks – serums and concentrates can do wonders for your skin!

But what makes serums and concentrates so incredibly effective and versatile? First of all, they are absolutely packed with active ingredients that absorb into the skin immediately. And second of all, you can easily combine a serum with any other skin care product you like.

The Secret of DALTON Anti-Aging Serums and Concentrates

All of our DALTON anti-aging serums and anti-aging concentrates are formulated with our Celumer Marine Extract, which is the primary ingredient in all our anti-aging products + select ingredients that suit different concerns and needs.

All DALTON anti-aging serums and concentrates contain Celumer Marine Extract

Benefits of Using a Serum or Concentrate

  • Very high concentration of active ingredients
  • Stressed skin can regain its balance
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Highly effective
  • The perfect addition to any skin care routine


Answered by our Beauty Expert


Trained beautician & part of the product development team

Sometimes, you have to deal with multiple skin problems at once that cannot all be covered by just one face cream. By adding a serum, you no longer have to sacrifice one to treat the other. Furthermore, serums are a great way to respond to small changes in your skin, without having to change your whole skin regimen. In those cases, the right serum can be a life-saver, because it can easily be added to any skin care routine and tackle specific skin concerns.
Serums can be used as part of your daily skin care routine, or as an intensive treatment over just a few weeks. Depending on your type of skin, it might work best for you to use it only in the morning, only in the evening or both morning and evening.
The most effective way to determine the best serum for your skin is to consult a professional esthetician. He or she can provide expert advice and recommend products that will offer the most benefit for you. If that is not an option for you, you can use our online Product Finder to find a serum that fits your needs.
Depending on your type of skin, a serum can be enough to moisturize your skin - especially in the summer and especially if you have very oily skin that doesn’t need much hydration. And if you want to get back into skin care after recovering from conditions like perioral dermatitis, it might be advisable to start with just a serum. But it’s very hard to give a general answer to this question.


Serums with Anti-Aging Benefits

Anti-Aging Moisturizing Serum with Hyaluronic Acid & Urea


Dehydrated, dry skin

This moisturizing anti-aging serum is quickly absorbed and infuses dry and dehydrated skin with intense hydration. Hyaluronic acid, urea and our Celumer Marine Extract are all powerful moisturizing agents with an additional anti-aging effect.

Lifting Serum with Instant Effect


Mature skin

The EXTREME LIFT Serum is a powerful wrinkle fighting formula that plumps and smooths the skin and leaves a wonderful soft feeling on the skin. Formulated with jambú extract to relax the facial muscles for over 24 hours.

Vitalizing Anti-Aging Serum with coenzyme Q10


Dry skin lacking oil

Dull and tired skin loves our Q10 Serum, because it vitalizes the skin and offers an instant boost of energy, thanks to the coenzyme Q10. The serum is quickly absorbed and does not leave a greasy residue.

Luxury Anti-Aging Serum for Stem Cell Protection


Mature, demanding skin

This powerful gel serum protects the cells in the deepest layer of the epidermis and stimulates stem cell function and cell renewal. It reduces lines and wrinkles, for a firmer, fresher-looking complexion.

Enzyme serum to minimize pores and smooth skin


All Skin Types

This gel serum with enzymes helps to break down dead skin cells and reveal a baby soft complexion. Rough skin is hydrated and becomes smooth again.

TIP: For best results the Serum should be used daily for 4 to 6 weeks and in combination with the Enzyme Peeling.

Wrinkle Eraser with Lifting Effect


Anti-Wrinkle Effect

Erase wrinkles in just 3 minutes. This wrinkle filler reduces wrinkle volume by over 30%. With a handy brush applicator that makes it very easy to apply.



Ampoule & Serum in One

Mattifying Concentrate for Large Pores & Combination Skin


Combination Skin & Large Pores

This mattifying anti-aging concentrate minimizes the appearance of pores and protects against free radicals. It is especially suitable for combination skin and can be used on just the T-zone or the entire face. It visibly reduces oiliness and shine and leaves a beautiful matte complexion.

Antibacterial Anti-Pimple Spot Concentrate


Blemishes & Pimples

The SOS Spot Concentrate combats blemishes and redness caused by pimples without over drying the skin. Apply directly to the blemish to stop the pimple in its tracks.