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How is algae good for you: Algae benefits and skincare ingredients

Algae Skinfood – Our Beauty Superheroes

We proudly present our little beauty heroes: Algae Skinfood Ampoules. We are going to look into the source of their superpowers, what tricks they have up their sleeves and why you should definitely try them out.



Want to know why we made algae the focus of our new ALGAE SKINFOOD line?

We were quite simply blown away by their superhero qualities. The seas and oceans are full of unique species of algae – a colorful diversity of tens of thousands of micro algae and macro algae. And algae are true multi-talents when it comes to skincare. They are masters in the art of survival and have overcome tremendous challenges since their first appearance millions of years ago. Even in the most extreme environments, they are able to adapt, grow and thrive. Equipped with many vital nutrients, powerful defense mechanisms and countless other superpower abilities, algae give the skin maximum protection and are a host of innovative skincare benefits.



From brown algae to spirulina blue algae to red and green algae – all of those different micro and macro algae offer a distinct variety of benefits, as unique as they are brilliant. They boost blood circulation, hydrate the skin, stimulate the metabolism, offer antioxidant protection and help to detox the skin.

Did you know that algae have no roots and absorb all the nutrients they need from the seawater?

That is why these multitalented ingredients are so incredibly rich in essential marine nutrients. Their partner in crime – a blend of marine trace elements and mineral salts – makes our ALGAE SKINFOOD Ampoules very well-tolerated and able to penetrate deep into the skin. This effect can be attributed to the stupendous similarity between the mineral composition of seawater and human blood plasma. This unbeatable superhero team of superfood algae and marine minerals is the basis of our ALGAE SKINFOOD Ampoules.

Marine algae skin care products


With Instant Effect

Meet our vegan beauty superheroes

With nourishing marine minerals and various algae-based ingredients, our five ALGAE SKINFOOD Ampoules each cater to a different need – with instant effect.

It is up to you to decide what your skin needs right now!


" 1 kilogram of algae contains the same amount of nutrients as 10.000 liters of seawater (iodine, magnesium, calcium, copper, vital minerals and trace elements) with up to 80 different substances to provide the skin with everything it needs. "

Skincare Multitalents

Beauty ingredients from algae – what’s in our ampoules?

Algae occur in a huge variety of different shapes and colors and they can be found almost everywhere in all kinds of waters. From 40-meter high macro algae to tiny micro algae that are not visible to the naked eye. For our ALGAE SKINFOOD Ampoules, we have handpicked several unique species of algae with a host of benefits to give the skin exactly what it needs.


Characteristics of algae

Brown algae are rich in essential minerals and trace elements. They moisturize the skin and keep it silky soft and smooth, while also offering a soothing effect. They also possess regenerative properties and can help to accelerate the cell renewal process.

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Plankton skin benefits

Plankton is a highly valuable ingredient in cosmetics. What makes it so special: Because plankton is exposed to very high levels of UV radiation, it has developed an enzyme that can repair the cell damage caused by sunlight. It also possesses antibacterial properties, strengthens the skin barrier and protects the skin from oxidative stress and premature skin aging.

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Rot algae uses for skin

Red Algae can improve skin elasticity, soften rough skin and help to reduce the first signs of wrinkles, for a smooth and even skin texture. We take advantage of the red alga Jania rubens, which is very rich in vegetal taurine and can accelerate ATP-synthesis – the process of creating energy in the cell – by up to 50%, leading to better blood flow in the skin and increased cell activity.



Types of algae - overview

Spirulina is a type of blue algae that is not just famous as a dietary supplement with countless great benefits for beautiful skin, hair and nails - it has now also become a powerhouse in the skincare industry. It acts as a radical scavenger, promotes skin cell renewal and slows the natural aging process.

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Marine algae skincare benefits

Test results have shown that Euglena gracilis firms the skin - for 4 times more elasticity. Additionally, it stimulates the cell metabolism to combat dull and tired skin.

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Characteristics and benefits of algae

Many species of green algae can be utilized to improve skin texture and moisturize the skin. They have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and can protect against cell damage. 

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DALTON Beauty Ampoules

Beautiful skin thanks to the power of algae

Algae are truly multitalented when it comes to beauty and skincare. Their skin benefits are as numerous as the incredible diversity of their species. They boost blood circulation, stimulate cell renewal, hydrate the skin, prevent inflammation, protect against oxidative stress reduce water retention and prevent premature skin aging.


The incredible power of algae in combination with marine minerals forms the basis of our vegan ALGAE SKINFOOD line. It includes five unique ampoules that cater to five different skin needs – with unequaled instant effect.

#multitasking: With fine powder particles and superfood algae, this mattifying ampoule manages to keep the skin shine-free for up to 8h – a quick fix for oily skin in the T-zone. Additionally enriched with hyaluronic acid to restore moisture and protect the skin from dehydration. For normal to oily skin.

#nofilterneeded: This ampoule achieves flawless skin in a matter of seconds. Our formula of antioxidant superfoods like marine minerals, brown algae, spirulina and seaweed smooths the first signs of wrinkles and minimizes the look of pores – for a smooth and even-toned complexion with natural glow.

#stressless: This soothing ampoule is formulated with various micro algae, plankton and oils to protect the cells from internal stress and lower the skin’s stress level. It prevents cell division from slowing down and makes rough skin patches feel soft and smooth again. For very dry to combination skin.


#sleepingbeauty: This 2-phase overnight ampoule supports skin regeneration during the night. Superfood algae firms the skin and quadruples skin elasticity, while night-healing enzymes repair damaged skin. A nourishing composition of macadamia oil, peach kernel oil and soybean oil envelops and restores the skin while you beauty sleep.