BLUE ESSENTIALS - Blue Light Protection


Protection Against Blue Light & Urban Pollution

Pre-Aging Products to Defend Against Blue Light Damage and Urban Pollution

The vegan products from our Blue Essentials skincare range protect your skin against blue light and environmental pollutants to prevent any signs of premature skin aging. The collection consists of a protective day cream, a regenerating night cream and a brightening eye cream.

Skincare to prevent digital aging

What is digital aging? This term describes any symptoms of premature skin aging caused by blue light – a high-energy visible light emitted by digital screens and electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. The more you expose your skin to blue light from prolonged screen time, the greater the risk of causing long-term damage, as blue light is able to penetrate very deep into the skin and generate free radicals which lead to oxidative stress. To counter this effect, your skin needs products that are rich in antioxidants, so-called radical scavengers. That is why our Blue Essentials products are based on vegan marine-sourced ingredients, such as algae and plankton, which are very effective at stopping the chain reaction of free radical formation and protecting your skin against blue light damage and digital aging.

Urban pollution can damage your skin

Blue light is not the only factor that can lead to dull skin and make it look older than it should. Environmental stress like for example exposure to air pollution can have a negative effect as well. Even if you usually have uncomplicated, normal skin, it can develop numerous pollution-related skin concerns and flaws if you don’t use the right anti-pollution skincare. The skin barrier and the skin’s natural defense system are weakened, the skin becomes more sensitive and fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. On top of that, sebum production increases, which can lead to clogged pores.

Do free radicals cause wrinkles?

Free radicals can cause a condition called ‘oxidative stress‘, which leads to oxidative damage to our cells. The connective tissue is weakened and the skin starts to develop the first signs of wrinkles. Environmental stress and blue light are some of the main culprits responsible for this effect. We recommend a protective anti-pollution day cream as well as a suitable night cream to hydrate the skin, promote skin regeneration and help to repair any damage caused by oxidative stress.


Reliable Protection


The pre-aging products from our vegan Blue Essentials collection protect the skin during the day and help it to fully recover during the night. The trio of day cream, night cream and eye cream works together to prevent any signs of premature skin aging.


Skin Guardian Day Cream

The vegan anti-blue light day cream is formulated with a special phytoplankton that forms a breathable, protective shield over the skin and defends it against the harmful effects of blue light and environmental stress. At the same time, the day cream infuses the skin with vital moisture thanks to deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid and leaves a mattified, soft complexion. Say goodbye to that dull and tired screen face! The face cream acts like a natural soft-focus filter and creates a beautiful radiant complexion.


Skin Charger Night Cream

Our vegan night cream recharges the skin’s empty batteries and boosts the natural regeneration of skin cells while you sleep. Blood rain algae help to repair any damage and protect the skin from the harmful effects of oxidative stress. For a fresh and relaxed complexion in the morning after a restful beauty sleep.


All Eyes On You Eye Cream

In addition to the day cream and night cream, our pre-aging range also includes an eye cream, because the skin around the eyes is particularly thin and thus more prone to wrinkles. Not only does the eye cream help to protect the skin against blue light and urban pollution, thanks to seawater with biopterin and vitamin B3 it also reduces bags under the eyes and brightens dark circles with long-term results.

The creams in our Blue Essentials collection are suitable for all skin types with a preference to protect against premature skin aging.