The History of Dalton

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It all begins with a women and her passion for the beauty and the sea, Erika Bauer. 

Erika Bauer was inspired by the work of Jacques Cousteau, a great french pioneer of marine research. She started to use the best ingredients from the sea for the beauty of the skin to come close with the circle of evolution.
Erika Bauer spend almost 4 decades of her relentless commitment and devoted spirit to create a unique skincare line based on the human evolution and the motto of " all life originates from the sea". After purchasing the brand Dalton in 1976, she laid a stern foundation for her development of professional care cosmetics. Since then, the name Dalton has position themselves as a high-quality skincare products developed and made in Germany. 
Her primary focus has always been the same: "The primeval power of the sea, for the the beauty of your skin".
With the motto "Inspired by the sea", Dalton has done numerous researches on sea materials to develop products that brings radiant and youthful looking to our skin.
 The first marine anti-aging line was known as Celumar in 1984, The very first masterpiece developed by Erika Bauer herself. In 1984, Celumar changed it's name to Celumer which using the words "Cell" and "Meer" ("Sea" for German) that symbolises the idea that human being originated from the sea, that we carry the sea in our bodies and we need the sea for our natural beauty.
To this day, this extract is the foundation of all of Dalton anti-aging lines, all while keeping up with the latest research. Studies have shown that the unique combination of its maritime active ingredients leads to extraordinary results.


Dalton International -THE BRAND WORLDWIDE

     Dalton Marine Cosmetics Thailand 

                         Singapore                                             Thailand                                               

In the late 1980s, the first cooperation with the United Arab Emirates was established and with it the first export to the Middle East.

In the early 1990s, Dalton already distribution contracts with the partners in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea as followed by Malaysia in 2017.  Ever since, the interest for the professional cosmetic brand "made in Germany“ has been growing and DALTON is now sold in more than 40 countries worldwide. 




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