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What is Celumer Marine Extract?

Dalton Celumer Marine Extract is the foundation of our anti-aging cosmetics. It fuse with the best maritime active ingredients with a unique complex that meets the highest quality. After years of scientific findings in the field of marine cosmetics, Dalton have reinvented the idea of Celumer Marine Extract with an impressive results after 40 years.
Dalton Celumer Marine Extract comes with six interactive active ingredients to rejuvenate, nourish and protect the skin.

Where does Celumer Marine Extract comes from?

Millions of years ago, the sea offered an optimal environment for the formation of life, and therefore humans. This maritime heritage remains evident until today, due to the amazing similarity of the mineral composition of seawater and our blood plasma and lymphatic fluids. This relationship had been discovered already at the beginning of the 20th century and still is very relevant in cosmetics today.
The mixture of trace elements and mineral salts in seawater is known to the body, and due to this similarity, it is especially well absorbed and very well tolerated by the skin. The absorption into deeper layers of the skin and the skin’s supply with vital substances takes place in a natural way. The knowledge about this basic principle is the basis of our product philosophy.
DALTON Marine Cosmetics – inspired by the sea.

How does the Celumer Marine Extract effect me?

Perfection in Anti-Aging.
The marine minerals from pure seawater are combined with five additional maritime active ingredients to become a holistic composition. The resulting Celumer Marine Extract provides for a natural supply with vital substances as well as protection of the skin. It has a scientifically proven effect, making the skin appear rejuvenated.
 An independent biophysical and dermatologically controlled study* proves that the Celumer Marine Extract achieves the following after just four weeks
* Performed on test persons between 47 and 62 years of age. Application of the Celumer Marine Extract twice daily for a period of four weeks. Examination of the test sample in comparison with the untreated control. No undesirable irritations or redness was caused. 
Phase 1: Cell metabolism is stimulated. Harmful substances are purged out of the cell.
Phase 2: More vital substances can now be absorbed, leading to a strengthening of the skin’s protective barrier and a support of the skin’s natural immune system.
Phase 3: Cell communication is increased and leads to an optimised nutrient supply for the skin. The cell and its environment are now in balance. Deficiencies are corrected more effectively.
Phase 4: The skin cells now have time for regenerative processes.  They preventively protect themselves against the consequences of extreme strain and at the same time produce an increased amount of healthy, new cells.

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