Vitalizing Anti-Aging Skincare

Anti-Aging Q10 Products for Dull and Dry Skin

What makes Q10 such a powerful anti-aging ingredient? Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is naturally produced by the body and is important for cellular energy production. By boosting the skin’s energy levels, it increases the skin’s capacity to produce new cells and regenerate damaged skin. The result: Dull skin can regain its natural glow.

Q10 Products – Antioxidant Energy Boost for Your Skin

Q10 is a natural coenzyme that a young and healthy body is able to produce on its own. It helps the cells to turn nutrients into energy, which is crucial for the skin to renew and regenerate – for a vitalized, radiant-looking complexion.

However, the body’s own production of CoQ10 decreases as we age, consume excessive amounts of alcohol and nicotine, or when we are exposed to harsh environments and stress. This leads to lower energy levels and makes the skin appear dull and weak. Our Q10 products are specially formulated to stimulate the cells and boost cell division.

Another problem that worsens with age is that sebum production begins to decrease, which compromises the hydrolipidic barrier that protects the skin from drying out and creates a dull skin tone. Our anti-age Q10 products are very rich in lipids to help the skin restore its natural barrier, smooth fine lines and wrinkles and promote supple, younger-looking skin.

CoQ10 is also a powerful antioxidant that helps to prevent free radical damage. Environmental stress can lead to the production of free radicals that damage the cells and thus accelerate skin aging. The coenzyme Q10 is a so-called free radical-scavenger with a strong antioxidant effect. That is how our Q10 products combine two important components to get you on the way to beautiful, glowing skin: Antioxidant protection and increased cell energy.

Some of the products in this collection contain red pearls of highly-dosed coenzyme Q10 that burst when they are massaged into the skin and produce an instant radiance-boosting effect.

The anti-wrinkle Q10 face cream pampers your skin with our rejuvenating Celumer Marine Extract and vitalizing Q10, nourishing jojoba oil and allantoin as well as hydrating hyaluronic acid. If you are looking for a more lightweight moisturizer with the same effects, we recommend our Q10 Emulsion.

Apply the highly concentrated Q10 Anti-Aging Serum before your moisturizer to enhance the effect. Our rich Eye Cream nourishes the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes and makes them look youthful and fresh again.

Our Q10 Ampoules are absolutely packed with energizing active ingredients that moisturize and revitalize dull and dry skin.

The refreshing Q10 Face Mask gives dull skin an instant boost of energy and leaves a fresh and healthy-looking complexion.