Dry Skin



Skin Care Tips for Dry Skin


Dry skin on the face? What’s causing it

Your skin feels tight, rough and flaky and drinks up moisturizers literally in an instant? Many who have dry skin tend to overload their skin with too many moisturizing products. However, “the more the better“ is not necessarily a good solution when it comes to skin care for dry skin. Applying too many products can easily overwhelm your skin and cause irritation. Therefore, while dry skin is often linked to a natural predisposition, it is not at all surprising that it can also be caused and exacerbated by using the wrong products for your skin. It can compromise the skin’s protective barrier, inhibit sebum production and increase moisture loss. You need a good skin care routine for dry skin to alleviate such problems and help the skin to retain moisture.

Finding your skin care routine for dry skin

Any good skin care routine for dry skin starts with face cleansing. When the skin barrier is compromised, it creates an opening for harmful irritants and germs to enter the skin. That is why it is extremely important to cleanse the skin of all make-up residue and excess sebum both in the morning and evening. A face toner soothes the skin and prepares it for better absorption of the products to follow, like a suitable face cream for dry skin.

Dry skin often shows signs of scaling or flaking. Regular exfoliation – about once or twice a week - is absolutely essential to rid the skin’s surface of dead skin cells. A moisturizing AHA exfoliant, our innovative Enzyme Peeling or a creamy face scrub are great ways to keep the skin fresh, smooth and clear.

Adding ampoules and special face masks to your skin care routine for dry skin is another effective way to give your skin the moisture it is craving.


Best skin care for dry skin: Depends on what type of dry skin you have

Before you decide on a skin care routine for dry skin, you first have to find out if your skin is dry because it lacks oil or because it lacks hydration. Lipid dry skin refers to skin that does not produce enough oil or sebum on its own and needs skin care products that are rich in lipids. While lipid dry skin is a skin type, dehydrated skin is a condition that can affect any skin type. Dehydrated skin feels dry because it lacks water, which can lead to the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Hydrating skin care products help to replenish and plump the skin while smoothing out fine wrinkles.


How to protect dry skin in winter

Dry indoor air and cold temperatures outside make winter a very stressful time for dry skin. Our Tip: The Cold Protection Cream is your perfect companion for a winter walk. Applied on top of your daily cream for dry skin, it protects the skin like a winter coat and prevents it from damage and drying out. Our rich body butter pampers very dry skin with nourishing lipids after a warm shower for a full-body spa experience.